Financial Or Bail Bonds; What You Need To Know

If a loved one or a friend has been arrested to help them get out of the jail you will likely need o to secure a bail bond or a financial bond. Bail is just an agreement between the defendant and the court. According to this agreement, the defendant agrees to attend to all the scheduled court dates without fail and the court agrees to return defendants money once the trial is over even when the defendant has to do jail time.

Bail is generally reviewed at preliminary hearing twelve to twenty-four hours after filing a complaint. The prosecutor provides the judge description of the case and decides if the defendant should be granted bail. After that, the judge will ask the criminal defense lawyer for response and this is the best time for the defendant’s lawyer to ask the judge for outright release even without bail

If the bail is set at a certain amount the defendant can pay the amount set by the court in exchange from being released from the prison. If the accused doesn’t show up for even one court date, the court will issue a warrant for their arrest and immediately forfeit the bail amount.

If the defendant is not able to make the bail amount needed to be released the defendant will stay in the jail until the trial is over. Making bail is the very important for the defendant because it might take several months to get the trial started from the time of arrest, for this reason, the defendant makes it a priority to make the bail amount. For people who don’t have enough money to make bail, they use bail bonds to be released from prison.

This is how the bail bonds or financial bonds work, it is similar to loan in which the defendant put in certain percentage of the bail amount and the lender here also called bail agent or bondsman put in the rest of the amount to make the bail. In addition to defendant putting in a small percentage of the total bail amount, he should also provide collateral for the rest of the amount as a security in case he skips court dates. Since Bond agent, is taking all financial risks he also takes steps to see that the defendant attends all court dates and a friend or a relative of the defendant put up collateral for the bond. They also call the defendant to remind them of the court dates coming up so as to make sure that the defendant doesn’t miss the court date.
If the bondsman was not able to get in contact with the defendant because he missed the hearing and chose to flee then the bond agent will hire a bounty hunter to track the defendant and bring him to court.

Securing a bail bond may be the best option when the defendant’s family can’t afford the amount that is set for the bond by the court. In order to quickly secure the bond, it is important to ask a few questions about the company you want to work with to secure a bond. Agents make most of the money by charging bond premiums which could be anything from 10-20% of the amount of the bond which is non-refundable.

An efficient criminal defense lawyer will show the judge why the decision to release one’s client on bail makes sense.

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